VMMC is the removal of man’s foreskin. It is widely used ,simple and safe procedure. Men can be circumcised. While many men in Kenya have already undergone this procedure, only 10% of Luo Men are Circumcised. VMMC can provide against HIV infection. A circumcised man is up to 60% less likely to get infected with HIV than an uncircumcised.
VMMC reduces the man’s changes of getting other infections like syphilis and herpes. VMMC also gives some protection against penile cancer in men and men cervical cancer in women.
The inside of foreskin is soft and moist and is more like;ly to a tiny or sore that allows HIV to enter the body more easily. The Foreskin itself contains many target cells that allow  HIV to enter the body easily. After circumcision , the skin on the head of the penis becomes thicker and is less likely to tear.Read more


In 2010, the Nyanza Reproductive Health Society (NRHS), in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), completed a respondent-driven sampling study of GBMSM in Kisumu. Four hundred and fifteen men of aged 18-62 years who reported oral or anal sex with another man in the last 6 months were recruited following the eleven original seeds. Overall HIV prevalence was 14%, with a prevalence among 18-19 year-olds of 4.2%, versus 28.9% among 25-29 year-olds.Read More

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