UNIM Research Center & Training Center

NRHS run UNIM Research and Training center (URTC), a 782 square meter state of the art facility
which was the site of the VMMC randomised controlled trial in Kisumu and is the site for many of its studies. URTC has:

A 42 square metre fully equipped laboratory with safety hood, centrifuges, incubators, nitrogen tanks, freezers and all the necessary facilities to process and store specimen for its current studies.
3 counselling rooms each having 12 square metres with a layout allowing for either provision of counselling and or interviewing activities.
Four fully equipped examination rooms with in built cabinets, taps and sinks each 12 square metres
2 fully equipped VMMC operation theatres each 16 square metres
7 square metre post operative recovery room

2 data management rooms measuring 32 square metres  

IT room 15.75 square metres
Conference room 40 square metres
Common office 26 square metres
Records room 17.5 square metres
Hygiene and sterilisation room 8.75 square metres
Laundry 5 square metres
Community engagement office 14 square metres
2 coordination offices each measuring 15.75 square metres
A reception area measuring 49.5 square metres
In addition there are basic amenities including 3 toilets and 1 kitchen